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Take on any refrigeration challenge with Frascold. We have the right compressor for any job, and every one is factory run tested. This dedication to quality lets us stand behind everything we build an industry-leading 2 year warranty. Discover why blue is better today.

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Our extensive product line sets the standard for performance and reliability.
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Selection Software
Selection Software
Our advanced "CO2 Cycle" tool inside the FSS3 selection software helps you to accurately choose the right compressors combination for your application.
Refine your results with the "Check Calculation" feature to maximize system performance.
  • Design easily CO2 transcritical systems
  • Optimize system configuration for greater efficiency
  • Choose the optimum gas cooler and intermediate pressure
  • Determine best compressors combination
  • Evaluate feasibility of variable frequency drive
  • Test different operating conditions
  • Determine system's available heat recovery
  • Blue Is Better

    Frascold is the third largest compressor manufacturer in the world, building some 70000 units anually at our facility outside of Milan. Every compressor we make is run tested before it leaves the factory and carries a standard two year warranty.

    For over 80 years, we have ramained true to our values of quality, efficiency and service. Our products and manufactoring are world class, but it is our superior customer service that truly sets us apart in the market.

    Our distribution network covers 86 countries and we have subsidiaries in China, India and the Unites States. Let our experience work for you and discover why Blue Is Better.

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    For application support or questions about our products, send us a message.Our experienced staff is one of our gratest assets, and they are ready to help. To find out why Blue Is Better, contact us today.